The announcement by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program that they had raised the rankings for dozens of West Coast trawl species is welcome news that is generating a lot of attention, both domestically and among seafood industry-watchers around the world.

The 67th meeting of the PSFMC will be held August 24th-26th. Please click through for an agenda and location information.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) and its advisory bodies will meet September 10-17, 2014 in Spokane, Washington to address issues related to management of groundfish, highly migratory species, coastal pelagic species, salmon, ecosystem management, and habitat matters.


Here is a draft agenda for the September Council meeting.

(Portland, Ore. – June 3, 2014)Citing the transition to catch shares management as a key to rebuilding stocks and reducing bycatch, 13 species caught by the West Coast trawl fishery today earned designation from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as sustainable. The designation opens up new markets for a fishery that spans California,...

There is a lot of groundfish action planned for the next Council meeting, in Garden Grove. Here is a link to the draft agenda for the meeting, and date and location information is here.

The Pacific Whiting Treaty Joint Management Committee will meet on May 12 - 13 at the Embassy Suites in Lynwood, Washington. Agenda items currently include discussion of the Pacific Whiting Treaty process and objectives, and goals for use in the management strategy evaluation of Pacific whiting.



Dear West Coast Trawl fishermen,

Are you thinking about buying quota shares or an IFQ permit? How about leasing some quota?

The freeze on permanent transfers of quota and permits has ended and the California Fisheries Fund has been approved to use quota as collateral when making loans. Now may be a good time to think about your financing options.

At their April meeting in Vancouver, WA, the Pacific Fishery Management Council advanced a number of initiatives that may enable fishermen to bench-test electronic monitoring technologies through the use of “exempted fishing permits” (EFPs).

The Council and its advisory bodies will meet April 3-10, 2014 in Vancouver, Washington to address issues related to salmon, Pacific halibut, groundfish, coastal pelagic species, ecosystem-based management, and essential fish habitat matters.  The April meeting of the Council and its advisory entities will be held at the following location:

Key agenda items for the March meeting include Council considerations to:

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SCOM] - January 16, 2014 - 

About 160 people came together January 8th-9th in Seattle to look into the potential for improved catch monitoring and increased accountability as this period of tight federal budgets – along with the rising costs of human observers – have combined to make electronic reporting (ER) and electronic monitoring (EM) high-...

NOAA Fisheries is sending out a copy of the 2014 trip limits for groundfish in the limited entry fixed gear and open access fisheries. These trip limits published in the Federal Register on December 3, 2013, and the notice can be found here.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) reminds the fishing industry of several changes to the groundfish fishery’s trawl rationalization program, a catch share program, as we approach 2014.

The categories are:

1. Cost Recovery begins January 10, 2014;
2. Quota pound (QP) transfers allowed year
3. Quota share (QS) permit applications and
QS transfers; and
4. Fishing into the new year.

NOAA Fisheries has announced the publication of a final rule in the Federal Register that implements cost recovery for the Pacific coast groundfish trawl rationalization program beginning January 10, 2014. NOAA also released a Public Notice that includes further details. Both files are below in PDF.



On December 5th, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued an order granting summary judgment in Pacific Dawn, LLC, et al, Plaintiffs, v. Penny Pritzker, et al., Defendants, and Midwater Trawlers, et al., Intervenor-Defendants.

In this much-watched case, the court granted the defendants' and intervenor-defendants' cross-motion for summary judgment, meaning that the original IFQ allocation for West Coast whiting will stand. Plaintiffs in this case...

The Pacific Fishery Management Council’s (Council’s) Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) Groundfish Subcommittee will hold an online webinar in preparation for the SSC’s March 2014 meeting.  The online SSC Groundfish Subcommittee webinar is open to the public.

The SSC Groundfish Subcommittee webinar will commence at 1 p.m. PST, Wednesday, December 11, 2013 and continue until 4 p.m. or as necessary to complete business for the day.

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Panel Sessions from "Santa Rosa II" - the West Coast Groundfish Quota Program Workshop held in Portland, Oregon, February 2012.

The IFQ Shareholders Workshop

"Santa Rosa I" - the West Coast Groundfish Quota Program Workshop held in Santa Rosa, CA, October 2010.

See video

This brief video captures some key concepts from the 2010 Santa Rosa meeting of West Coast trawl fishermen.