Plan ahead when considering permit or quota financing

The folks at the California Fisheries Fund asked us to pass along the following information.

Are you thinking about buying more quota share or a trawl permit? How about leasing some quota?

The California Fisheries Fund is a revolving loan fund that supports fishermen, fishing-related businesses and ports that are working to improve the sustainability of West Coast fisheries. CCF helps fishermen succeed in the catch share program by financing loans for permit purchases, gear innovations and other needs.

Although the freeze on permanent transfers of quota and permits remains in effect until December 31, 2012, now is the time to start thinking about your financing options.

How can CFF help you?

  • We can finance acquisition of IFQ permits or quota shares
  • We accept quota shares as collateral
  • We make loans in California, Oregon and Washington
  • We can finance up to $350,000 per qualified borrower

We encourage you to contact us today if you are considering a permit or quota share purchase in the future, even if you haven't identified a seller yet. Please fill out our pre-application form by February 28th. You can download that form below.

For more information, contact Phoebe Higgins, at (415) 293-6120, or

And if you're attending the Quota Program Workshop in Portland, February 21 -23, we'll see you there!